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Strategic Street


Danielle Stroble, Keller Street Cowork

It has been an enlightening experience to work with Shane and Strategic Street, as well as the witness the result of his work with other clients. He has a knack for highlighting areas of the business plan that one may not have considered previously. His candid and supportive advice on all business topics from concept and strategy through to launch and operations is thorough and extremely valuable. I would definitely consider working with Shane continuously as well as highly recommend him to others who are looking for collaborative support within their own business.

Andy Sewell, Audio Ephemera

Shane and the Strategic Street program have oriented me so I have the skills and the awareness to launch and grow my business. As a creative, I can focus on the idea and be overwhelmed by the business strategy. But with Shane’s experience and line up of supportive and committed professionals, I feel confident that my business will succeed.